Newsflash Plus 3.4.0b3

Newsflash Plus 3.4.0b3

Postby ensisoft » Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:57 pm


this is a basically a development release in the 3.4.0 series. Its stable enough to be released.

So whats new?
- file decoding IO has been optimized so that decoded data chunks are written out to disk straight away whenever possible. (if the correct slot is know)
This reduces the memory footprint a lot.
- Compressed headers, XZVER zlib inflate. Compressed headers are as dodgy as they can be, servers all seem to have slightly different opinions about how to do it. Appears to work against UNS, Astra and xsusenet. Would be glad to get reports about this if it works or not.
- tray extension, tray notifications, hotkey to minimize/restore to/from tray
- command line nzb file args

...and a bunch of smaller changes.

There's a known issue that if you enable compressed headers, download headers, disable compressed headers and then download headers again it wont work unless you kill the connections in between. This is a bug. Also compressed headers are disabled by default cause they are not 100% reliable (see comments about different servers above), so you'll have to go Server Properties -> Advanced and enable there.

- and no, there's no proper installer yet, or .deb package. Sorry, I rather work on features at this point. If you want to delete the application (and cannot read the readme.txt file) in order to delete the app just go to your installation folder and delete the whole folder. And go to your Documents and Settings\username and delete .newsflash folder (contains your settings).
- and it still uses single connection per download and yes, par2 files do not get special treatment.

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