Newsflash Plus 3.5.0b0

Newsflash Plus 3.5.0b0

Postby ensisoft » Tue Mar 12, 2013 12:35 pm

Hello all,

long time in the making, but we finally have the next version of the app. I hope you'll find it not only usuful but also reliable and fun to use. If you like it spread the word and don't forget to donate! ;)

This version came out 3.5.0 since there was some rather extensive iternal structuring. These changes will allow me to knock up new plugins and extensions for searching etc. much faster in the future. Howver unfortunately for the time being the search is still only limited to newznab specific sites. Hopefully next release will have more integration.

So what else is new?

- RSS feeds working again
- womble RSS and RSS merged into one in the GUI
- single instance of application only
- starting application by passing nzb file on the command line will launch the app and load the nzb (or load it in already existing instance)
- possiblity delete articles when browsing a group
- default filtering when opening a group
- servers are now known as "accounts"
- account based monthly/all time download counter

Bugs fixed:
- cleaning up .rar files that were not downloaded but came out of a downloaded .rar file
- incorrectly trying to use fill server when downloading from a local group database (not using nzb)
- bunch of other fixes

There's also a little bug in the installer, if you're installing over and old installation your extension/ folder will contain a bunch of ext-xxxx.dll files. These can be removed. (Keep libsearch.dll and librss.dll)

Thats all for now.

- ensi
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